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Steven Seagal Attendeed Les Paul and Friends Salut Concert
Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk
Universal City, California, United States
February 7, 2006


Steven Seagal On Front Cover Of Latest "Vintage Guitar" Magazine
november 2005


You may have seen him lay the wood to many a bad guy on the big screen, but in our talk with actor/guitarist Steven Seagal, he shows a deep appreciation for wood, wire, music, and the heritage of the blues. And his guitar collection will leave you agape!
He can dazzle with his Aikido moves or whip out the meanest, grittiest blues licks this side of Chicago. And he can similarly astonish when he hands you instrument after instrument from one of the finest axe arsenals in the world – his.
By Wolf

Steven Seagal Played Blues with Michael Bolton


November 9, 2005 - Romania


Steven Seagal & Michael Bolton At The Same Stage

Steven Seagal made a surprise for his fans and Romanian music lovers, he attended Michael Bolton's concert in Bucharest Romania.

  Steven Seagal Attended the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Concert
October 22, 2005

Steven Seagal Performs At The Abolition Of Nuclear Weapons Concert


Steven Seagal Sings The Blues
Martial artist/actor unveils his musical side with new album.

Hollywood action star Steven Seagal is gravitating toward the Blues, gathering together an all star cas of living legends to record an album in Memphis.

The album, which was produced by Seagal, will mark the actor's U.S. debut as a musical artist, and is scheduled to be released in January 2006.

Seagal, who counts himself as a student of the Delta Blues, will sing and play guitar alongside a who's who list of the genres pioneers including Iverson "Louisiana Red" Minter, Ruth Brown,
Bo Diddley, James Cotton, Willie "Pine Top" Perkins, Willie Smith, Calvin Jones, Bob Margolin, Hubert Sumlin, Koko Taylor, Tom Brill, "Big" George Brock, David "Honeyboy Edwards," Robert Lockwood, Jr., "Homesick James" William Henderson and Henry Townsend.

"As a devoted musician and student of the blues, I wanted to document the important contribution each of these amazing artists has made to our musical heritage," says SEAGAL. "I regret that many of the great blues icons are no longer with us, but have no doubt that their spirit will continue to inspire all of us for generations to come."

Seagal is no stranger to the recorded world, however. His debut album Songs From The Crystal Cave was released in France earlier this year and is awaiting release in Asia, as well. It is scheduled to receive its U.S. release later in 2006.
IGN Music - November 1, 2005

Steven Seagal Gathers Remaining Blues Pioneers Together To Record All-Star Album

STEVEN SEAGAL has assembled some of the most vital remaining architects of blues music to record an all-star album in Memphis. As the blues community mourns the recent loss of R.L. Burnside, Little Milton and Gatemouth Brown - who was scheduled to participate - this gathering will preserve the legacy of significant artists and their musical heritage. 

In addition to producing the project, the actor and life-long musician will sing and play guitar with such blues pioneers as Bo Diddley, Iverson "Louisiana Red" Minter, Ruth Brown, Bo Diddley, James Cotton, Willie "Pine Top" Perkins, Willie Smith, Calvin Jones, Bob Margolin, Hubert Sumlin, Koko Taylor, Tom Brill, "Big" George Brock, David "Honeyboy Edwards," Robert Lockwood, Jr., "Homesick James" William Henderson, Henry Townsend.

Alternating recording sessions between Memphis' House of Blues and Sounds Unreel studios, the blues assembly will perform a number of standards plus a few of SEAGAL's originals. Details re the album's 2006 release are forthcoming.

October 5, 2005

MAY 25, 2004 - FRANCE

to promote his album "Songs From the Crystal Cave" and played live on his guitar .

Photos: Fun Radio Station Official Site 

Steven Seagal JAMS with Southern Lights!

"At a very special private function to Celebrate Life with some little angels from St. Jude's Children's Hospital, superstar actor and guitarist Steven Seagal strapped on his Stratocaster and wailed some authentic BLUES with Memphis' own Woody Degan and Southern Lights! We don't get to hear Woody sing the Blues too often, but it was indeed a real treat!

OK, I know what you are thinking: "Steven Seagal is just an actor who plays guitar. He can't be that good. Kinda like Bruce Willis, or Dan Aykroyd, or... well, you get the picture." WRONG! Seagal can really play...and he can play with the best of them. His on screen persona may soon have to take a back seat to his mastery of blues guitar as more fans find out what a REAL talent he is! Authentic Blues that begs comparison to some of the all-time greats! You can hear the unmistakable influence in his style!

He will be guest performing with Woody and Southern Lights in the future! If you have the opportunity to hear him play, don't hesitate! You won't be disappointed!"

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