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Video by: Aaron Stipkovich - Stipko Media
** before watching video clip please stop music player  abowe -left

Producer: Steven Seagal

Now, from  my  player you are listening "Hoccie Koccie Man" album of
" Mojo Priest"..
I am sure you enjoy..
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1-She Dat Pretty 3.44
2-Red Rooster 3.29
3-Gunfire In A Juke Joint 3.44
4-My Time Is Numbered 4.19
5-Dark Angel 3.57
6-Alligator Ass 4.03
7-Talk to My Ass 3.51
8-Love Doctor 3.40
9-Hoochie Koochie Man 4.25
10-Barbeque 3.25
11-Dust My Broom 4.38
12-Shake 3.28
13-Slow Boat To China 8.46


Song: Hoochie Koochie Man
Album: Mojo Priest
photo by: Aaron Stipkovich

A gypsy woman told my mama
Before I was born
She said you gonna have a boy child comin’
And he gonna be a son of a gun
He gonna make pretty women
Jump and shout
Then the world’s gonna know
What this’s all about
But you know I’m here
Everybody knows I’m here
I’m your hootchie kootchie man
Everybody knows I’m here

I got a black cat bone
I got a mojo too
I got the johnny cockaroo I’m gonnna mess with you
Gonna make pretty women
To take me by the hand
And the world’s gonna know
I’m a hootchie kootchie man
Cause you know I’m here
Everybody knows I’m here
I ’m a hootchie kootchie man
Everybody knows I’m here..

On the 7th hour
On the 7th day
On the 7th month
The 7th doctor said
I was born for good luck
And that you gonna have to see
I got 7 hundred dollars baby
Ain’t you gonna mess with me
Because you know I’m here
Everybody knows I’m here
I’m your hootchie kootchie man
Everybody in the whole round world knows I’m here..

Hoochie Koochie Man by Willie Dixon
Lead Vocals: Steven Seagal
Drums: Willie Big Eyes Smith
Bass: Calvin Fuzz Jones
Rhythm and Lead Guitar: Steven Seagal
Harmonica: James Cotton
Slide Guitar: Bob Margolin
Lead Guitar: Steven Seagal
Rhythm Guitar: Hubert Sumlin
Keyboards: Willie "Pine Top" Perkins
Copyright Controll  


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