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"Songs From The Crystal Cave"
Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal always indicated that music plays a big part in his life. He finally collected his songs in an album.


The album called “ Songs From the Crystal Cave “ is an important mile point in Steven Seagal’s life and a precious collectors item for his fans.

The music critics accept that he is a good bass guitar player. He plays guitar and sings the songs, which he wrote in this album.


Steven Seagal used all the styles like Blues, Rock, Jazz and Reggae. You can feel the breezes from Far East in many of his songs.

Track listing and running times are as follows:
Girl it's Alright  
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 3:50
Don't you cry
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:58
(Steven Seagal & Patrick George Barrett) - 4:13
Better Man 
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:29
(Steven Seagal) - 4:31
My God
(Steven Seagal) - 3:57 - includes Stevie Wonder Harmonica Solo
featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:34
Not For Sale
(Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:56
(Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 3:32
featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal, Marion Hall) 4:21
featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Cleve Laing) 3:46
featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal) 3:05
(Steven Seagal) 5:59
The Light
(Steven Seagal) 4:54

"Songs From The Crystal Cave" Limited Edition 


The LIMITED EDITION of "Songs From The Crystal Cave", Steven Seagal's much-awaited first album, is now available !
The album contains and exclusive bonus DVD, including the superb "Girl it's alright" video, the making of the album, and the biography ! The limited edition also includes previsouly unreleased track "Red Rooster" !

Being the album was released in France...the DVD is in PAL format....

Limited Edition Tracklisting
01. Better Man
02. Music
03. Route 23
04. Girl It's Alright
05. Don't You Cry
06. My God
07. Lollipop
08. Not For sale
09. Dance
10. Jealousy
11. War
12. Strut
13. Goree
14. The Light
15. Red Rooster(bonus)

"Crystal Songs From The Velvet Voice.."
"Songs From The Crystal Cave"
by Steven Seagal



Lyrics & Compose by: Steven Seagal/Greg Bernhill 
Performed by: Steven Seagal (Himself)

"Whisper your wildest dreams, girl it's all right by me"..

If I were to say that now I have everything

And I want you to stay no matter what tomorrow brings

Would it make you feel something so real
But I guess you could speak your own your mind
Whisper your wildest dreams
Girl its alright by me

Once there was a king, who lived in a foreign land
Had riches and gold, the envy of every man
But he somehow missed out on what I have now
Cuz every dream in this world
All that I'll ever need
Girl its alright by me

This is the kind of thing
One might see in a movie
This is the kind of thing
That inspires one's greatest poetry
Out of a million chances who would have thought
Id be this kind of lucky one
Girl its alright by me..

"This is the kind of thing, one might see in a movie"..

Girl, if I should die and have to go away
I know I'll be back to see you another day
This love that we have is one that will last
So if the mountains don't cry
With the sky falling down
We cant live in the past and the future wont last
And if we to live for today, it wont go away
So please know its alright,
Girl its alright,
Girl its alright by me.


Steven Seagal has filmed the video clip of
"Girl It's All Right"
Before watching video clip please stop music player above left

Steven Seagal Promoting His Album "Songs From The Crystal Cave" at Bangkok - Thailand 


Actor Steven Seagal performs a song from his album 'Songs From The Crystal Cave' during a news conference in Bangkok October 25, 2005. Seagal, whose first music video 'Girl It's Alright' was produced in Thailand, is in Bangkok promoting his album.


photo: Mr. Marc Maingard Official Site


TELESTAR - July 2004

Telestar Magazine (France-2004)

Steven Seagal : "Music ? I've been playing it since I was a child..."

Surprise ! After having played muscled roles in the cinema industry, Schwarzenegger's alter ego, impregniated with buddhism, reincarnates himself in a world music ambassador. "Enlightened" meeting in Paris.

You are starting a musical career. Is that a new hobby or a real passion ?

I've been playing several instruments since I was 5. During the past 30 years, I've been playing with legends, such as Stevie Wonder or BB King. My music is already familiar to those great musicians !

How come you waited to be 53 to release your album, then ?

I was too busy making money with movies ! I didn't want to do too many things at one time. But as my mother died, she made me promise to release my songs.

Are you giving up movies ?

No, I love it too much. It's just that, today, I feel I can manage both careers at the same time.

You songs witness your buddhist convictions. Are you going through a mystical phase ?

I turned to buddhism by the beginning of the 1970's. I dare to believe it has turned me into a better man. At least, I meditate to achieve this goal, morning and evening.

That's quite surprising for a Hollywood film star...

It's true, most of Hollywood stars only think of what the mirror in front of them reflects. Every one gets older, gets ill and dies, though. The idea of impermanence has to be accepted.

What do you six children, born from 3 different weddings, think about this ?

I think they are proud of their father, even if they actually listen to other styles of music. On my side, I will support them whatever they do. As long as they are passionate about things !

Theo Daguerre

As an actor, Seagal might not have everytime been playing in memorable films. But as a singer, he has surrounded himself with true professionals. Several songs have been produced by Ric Wake (Shakira, Celine Dion). Stevie Wonder plays harmonica on one track. Steven even performs a duet with Lady Saw (who appeared together with No Doubt). Which turns it all into a smashing record !
from NonSoloBlues



 News Week Entertaintment
May 5, 2005

Meditate on This

This October, actor and Buddhist Lama Steven Seagal is releasing an album, "Songs From The Crystal Cave." Five things you didn't know about his musical career:

He studied with Albert Collins and Lightnin' Hopkins.
His manager worked with Kiss.
"Crystal Cave" has a track with Stevie Wonder on harmonica.
"Steven Seagal" is referenced in rap lyrics by Eminem, Ja Rule and Busta Rhymes.
His CD first went out to the media without his name. Now there's a smart publicist.

May 5, 2005

Steven Seagal Turns Crooner


Movie action man STEVEN SEAGAL is honouring his mother's final wishes by releasing an album of songs he has written and recorded.

The actor and martial arts star has a blues background, and has performed with BB KING and CLARENCE 'GATEMOUTH' BROWN at low-key concerts, where his talents have impressed stalwarts.

But, to make sure his solo album, SONGS FROM THE CRYSTAL CAVE, isn't treated with disdain by critics, it was sent out without credits - and it's already receiving rave reviews in America.
He says, "I've written about 150 songs. My momma died two years ago, and before she did, she said, 'Son, you've got a lot of songs. Put them out. People like them.'"

Seagal worked with former WAILERS TYRONE DOWNIE and AL ANDERSON, LADY SAW and Indian singer KAVITA SUBRAMANIAM (corr) on the project, and even persuaded STEVIE WONDER to play harmonica on one track.

The album is already selling well in parts of Europe, but Seagal knows he'll struggle to make a dent in the US charts.

He adds, "As a Buddhist, we look at life literally as the ocean of suffering, not expecting anything to go particularly smoothly." 

Chicago Tribune
June 4, 2005

Look who's singing now

Action star Steven Seagal, known for kicking bad-guy backside on film, shows his soft side in his debut CD, "Songs from the Crystal Cave."

The CD, which has already been released in Europe, features Seagal singing "with a strong, understated voice, in the realm of Jack Johnson but with more energy," according to an article in the Los Angeles Times last month. Seagal told the Times his mother inspired the disc.

"My momma died two years ago, and before she did, she said, `Son, you've got a lot of songs. Put them out. People like them,'" the tough-guy actor said.
June 2, 2005

For a dude whose résumé includes playing a bunch of butt-kicking cops, a butt-kicking environmental agent and a butt-kicking chef on a Navy battleship, Steven Seagal is actually a pretty sensitive guy, as evidenced by his upcoming debut album, Songs From the Crystal Cave. On the disc, which has already been released overseas (and will hit stores in the U.S. later this year), Seagal sings songs "with a strong, understated voice, in the realm of Jack Johnson but with more energy," according to a glowing review in the Los Angeles Times last month. Seagal plans on touring behind Songs this spring. Evildoers, corrupt politicians and drug lords beware. ...

Los Angeles Times
May 29, 2005

This art's vocal, not martial.
By Steve Hochman, Special to The Times

A CD arrived recently with nothing identifying the artist or any credits information, just song titles and a note from a publicist that the name of the performer would come as a surprise.

It was a male singer with a strong, understated voice, in the realm of Jack Johnson but with more energy. The songwriting was accomplished and the production credible, incorporating singer-songwriter elements, dance-hall and Indian instrumentation. One song featured a harmonica solo sounding uncannily like Stevie Wonder.

So who is the mystery man? A veteran star taking off in a new direction? A former teen-popper trying to resurrect a career? The publicist's answer: Steven Seagal.

Yes, that Steven Seagal — action-movie star, martial arts master and, it seems, musician.

"I've been playing my whole life," says Seagal, speaking from his part-time home in Ghana, where he has set up a foundation to deal with AIDS/HIV issues. "It's my first life. I've written about 150 songs. My momma died two years ago, and before she did, she said, 'Son, you've got a lot of songs. Put them out. People like them.' "

Seagal grew up in a Detroit-area neighborhood full of people who had migrated from the South, bringing blues music with them. He learned guitar from some of them and studied such luminaries as Albert Collins, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Lightnin' Hopkins. Even when acting became his career focus, he continued with music, playing alongside such figures as Brown and B.B. King and exploring other directions during stays in Jamaica, Africa and India.

At 54, Seagal has made music a top priority, having recorded his belated debut album, "Songs From the Crystal Cave," with help from Jamaican stalwarts Tyrone Downie and Al Anderson (both formerly of Bob Marley's Wailers), Lt. Stitchie and Lady Saw, Indian singer Kavita Subramaniam and some veteran American musicians. And it is Stevie Wonder playing harmonica on the pointed "My God."

But Seagal is acutely aware of the baggage he carries. He's seen how credibility issues have dogged Don Johnson, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Minnie Driver and other actors who have made albums. Hence the nameless mailing to the music press.

"I'm of course afraid of that," he says of the prospect of being seen as a dilettante. "But that's only in America, and I think we can prove to everyone that this is real."

His manager, Doug Banker, was skeptical when first brought into the project, and he has been honest with Seagal about difficulties they face.

"I explained to Steven that it was an uphill battle," says Banker, a veteran manager working with the McGhee Entertainment firm on the careers of KISS and Ted Nugent, among others. "He said, 'How difficult?' I said, 'Directly in proportion to how big a movie star.' "

The album is already out in Italy and France, selling particularly well in the latter country, according to Banker. Asia, where there seems to be no problem with movie stars crossing over to music, is the focus for the next few months, with Sony Music set to release the disc in October. The company's U.S. wing has the option for the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Tentative plans call for a U.S. tour next spring. However it goes, Seagal says, he's prepared.

"As a Buddhist, we look at life literally as the ocean of suffering, not expecting anything to go particularly smoothly," he says. "One day sunny, a couple of stormy days. Whichever way, I'll be writing songs about it."

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